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Brighton poster shops
Brighton poster shops

Chris on his way to Roskilde Festival, summer of 1982

Brighton Poster Shops is home to Stick on on your Wall.

Hello readers! Welcome to Stick It On Your Wall!

Many years ago, Chris Lees, the founder of our company, was still a young lad when he decided to sell a very small range of posters in Portobello Market in London. Very passionate about music, he started to attend concerts and live gigs all over Europe (and even in Asia), collecting then, many rare and unique promotional merchandise from these events. He became very successful, selling all over the UK.

When visiting the coast, he had the opportunity to open his own Brighton poster shop. It was called Right Handed Frog, situated in Gardner Street,  was considered at that time the biggest poster shop in the United Kingdom. After 10 years of selling successfully, the lease for the shop finished so Chris decided to follow the trends and started an online business.  Stick It On Your Wall was born.


David Bowie, Heroes 1978 Advert

Brighton poster shops

The Smiths, Meat Is Murder, 1985 Advert

Since then, the product line has increased to an outstanding 50.000 posters and prints, including music, movies, art, photography, as well as other paper products like postcards. You can also find in our online store a huge range of music memerobilia and tour adverts since the 60s. Some of these products are unique and not available anywhere else.

Festivals posters

Reading/Leeds Festival Line-up, Black Mount, Silver Frame

Festivals posters

Bestival Festival 2017 Line-up Poster, White Mount, Oak Frame

We offer most of our posters and prints matted in a white or black mount, this

process gives the image rigidity, weight and also protects the art work. We  now   offer a variety of coloured frames, which includes, black, white, silver and oak veneer.

Brighton Poster Shops home of Stick It On Your Wall consists of a small but dynamic team of professionals bringing together all the skill needed to offer a smooth, efficient and convenient service to those wanting the best, rarest promotional posters and merchandise from around the world.

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